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USS Constellation Rum

Rum sounds easy to make; molasses, water, and yeast. How hard could that possibly be? Turns out, its pretty hard to make a good Rum. There are hundreds of types of molasses (or molasses-like products) being produced today along with more 500 suitable strains of yeast.  A LOT of research went in to designing our Rum formula. When all was settled, the molasses we chose is the highest grade produced by Domino right in Baltimore. After it’s been double distilled, we age it in our used bourbon barrels over 5 years. This Rum is a 100% Maryland product and released a Single Barrel. Nothing to this product but molasses, water and a used Bourbon barrel – It’s a smooth Rum that drinks like a Bourbon!

700MPH Bourbon Update

! 700 MPH Bourbon – Update 25 May 2023

We flew on 28 August 2021 and set 3 “Bourbon Aviation”  world records!

Each bottle of Bourbon will be in their own “helmet bag” along with an embroidered patch and “challenge coin” documenting the 3 “Bourbon-Aviation” world records set on this flight.

We Are Sold Out – Thanks for supporting Semper Fi & America’s Fund

See the flight here!


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