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Our Rums

U.S.S. Constellation Rum - Single barrel

This Rum is dedicated to the heritage of the USS Constellation in Baltimore. Made from 100% Maryland mollasses, this “Navy Style” rum is distilled only from mollasses, just like Navy sailors would have had in 1852! Our difference is that we age for over 5 years in a Bourbon barrel to give this Rum a distintive flavor. 

750ml: $40.00 +tax

Dancing Bee

Starting with our base Rum, we added just a touch of local farm honey from Southern Maryland Beekeepers. The result is a slightly sweet spirit which retains its Rum notes and easy drinkability.

375ml: $25.00+tax


"Proudly crafting handmade, locally sourced and environmentally conscious bourbon, whiskeys and rum in America's birthplace of bourbon."


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