Our Story

1700’s – Today

Our Story

A Rich History As Far Back As 1700

Before we get to talking about us, let’s talk about how important the Chesapeake Bay region, and specifically Southern Maryland, has been to the production of Whiskey (and later Bourbon) in America.

Long before anyone in places like Kentucky or Tennessee thought of filling their first barrel of Whiskey, Southern Marylanders such as Basil Hayden, Henry Wathen and even the Jesuit Priests at Newtown Neck were busy perfecting their Whiskey recipes and their craft of distilling.

A strange twist of fate in the late 1700’s drove many of these early distillers from Southern Maryland to places such as Virginia, and the area now known as Kentucky. Had it not been for this event, Southern Maryland may very well have been America’s Whiskey capital.

The importance Southern Marylanders have played in the production of Bourbons and American Whiskies cannot be disputed. Walk in to any liquor store and you will see homages to those early distillers that once called our area home.

As you travel the same roads, and cross the same rivers and creeks as they did, take note of the fields of corn, wheat, and rye. There’s a very good chance some of those grains will again be used as they were more than two hundred years ago making a Whiskey to be enjoyed by families, friends, and neighbors. It is with this as a backdrop that we decided to bring the legal production of Bourbon and Whiskey back to its American birthplace. It’s our collective birthright.

We are combining the best of what those early Marylander’s used with extraordinary efforts to be environmentally responsible to bring you the best Whiskies, Bourbons and Rums possible.

Maryland Born and Raised

Who We Are

We are a true ground-to-glass distillery. We grow all of the corn used in our Bourbon and Whiskies right here on the farm. Grains we don’t grow ourselves are sourced from other local farmers and suppliers. Even the ingredients we use in our Rums are sourced from right here in Maryland.

Our farm and distillery use a combination of solar, geothermal, and heat recovery systems as part of our commitment to protect Southern Maryland’s environment:

Electricity generated by our farm’s solar panels offsets much of the power our distillery consumes.
We designed, built, and installed a recycling geothermal cooling system combined with an integrated heat recovery system.Together, we reduce our process heat requirements by 20 percent and reuse 100 percent of our cooling water.
After the corn, rye, and wheat are used in the distilling process, they are donated to other local farmers to be used as a feed source for their livestock.

We are Tobacco Barn Distillery. We are creating something that has been missing for a long time in Southern Maryland. We’d love to share a drink with you: our families, our friends, and our neighbors.

“We are combining the best of what those early Marylander’s used with extraordinary efforts to be environmentally responsible to bring you the best Whiskies, Bourbons and Rums possible.”




"Proudly crafting handmade, locally sourced and environmentally conscious bourbon, whiskeys and rum in America's birthplace of bourbon."


Tobacco Barn Distillery | 24460 Hollywood Road | Hollywood, MD

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Interested in Sponsoring?

Want to see your logo on one of the drop tanks holding the Bourbon Barrels? Want to get a demo flight in an L-39 Jet? Want to be there for the day of the flight and sit in the Harrier cockpit? We have sponsorship packages ranging from $1,500 to $5,000. Send us an email and let us know if you’re interested. We will curate a sponsorship package for you depending on what helps out your business AND the Semper Fi and America’s Fund – supporting our nation’s combat injured, wounded and ill as well as their families.

Pre-Order Your Bottle

Are you interested in the first Bourbon to be aged at 700 MPH? Send us your name and contact information if you’d like to be notified when the bottles are ready. We expect by the summer 2021. Limit one bottle per customer (we’ll get less than 600 bottles total). Must be 21 years old and ONLY available for pickup at Tobacco Barn Distillery, Hollywood MD. Expected price ~$145 per bottle.