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Straight Bourbon

Our Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made from corn we grow and rye from the Mennonite community in Loveville. We’re “Rye forward” about 25%. Great flavor profile and heritage Southern Maryland recipe for Bourbon….dating back to Basil Hayden!

750ml: $68.00 +tax

Straight Rye

Using a majority of rye (>70%) in this recipe, our Rye Whiskey already has a pleasant, but very present spiciness. It was aged in new #3 charred oak barrels.

750ml: $91.00 +tax

Moll Dyer

From the beginning of Tobacco Barn Distillery, we knew there were some things we just had to do: (i) make great Bourbon, (ii) make great Whiskies, (iii) make great Rums, and (iv) bring attention to all things Maryland. It’s fitting that we chose Moll Dyer to honor with our Cinnamon Whiskey. If you aren’t familiar with her story, here’s the Wikipedia page. We believe she was a victim of simple-minded townsfolk and took the opportunity to rewrite the story. If you’d care to see our version, you’ll need to pick up a bottle & we think she’d approve.

375ml: $23.00 +tax


"Proudly crafting handmade, locally sourced and environmentally conscious bourbon, whiskeys and rum in America's birthplace of bourbon."


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